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Introducing QMax ViperLine™

QMax is pleased to announce our new line of Preinsulated Tubing.

With QMax Industries’ new ViperLine™ Preinsulated Tubing, QMax has you covered between your manifolds and steam tracing/jacketing. The thermally insulated fiberglass material is protected with a flexible flame-resistant polyvinyl chloride jacket and can transfer fluids up to 400° F (204° C), while maintaining an outer jacket temperature of 140° F (60° C). This keeps your system at the temperature you want, while also providing personal protection from steam or hot fluids at the same time.

QMax ViperLine also comes in a variety of materials to meet your needs, all sizes of copper and stainless tubing, multiple colors and different jacket materials.

No other company offers more steam tracing solutions than QMax Industries. From the steam supply manifold to the condensate return manifold, QMax can offer the entire scope of steam tracing.
  • Steam Supply Manifolds
  • Preinsulated Tubing for clean steam transfer
  • Preinsulated Tubing for low-pressure loss condensate transfer
  • Condensate Return Manifolds with steam traps designed for steam tracing
  • Steam Tracing/Jacketing System (most steam tracing systems options of any company from freeze protection to jacketed pipe)
  • Steam Tracing Design (supply & return sizing, layout, installation drawings)



QMax Industries, Inc. specializes in High Performance
Heat Tracing, Equipment Jacketing and Tank Heating.
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