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OFin™ For Heating Or Cooling Gases

Qfin-2in-close1QMax Industries, Inc. recently applied its QFin™ technology to standard stainless steel tubing to cool Hydrogen gas. A world-wide gas purification company had been trying to find a way to rapidly cool Hydrogen gas in their system to improve performance. By adding QFin to ½” diameter stainless steel tubing, the effective heat transfer area is increased by over 2,000%. The resulting finned tubing cooled Hydrogen inside the tubing from 55 °C (131 °F) to 36 °C (97 °F) in just 15 inches.

Originally designed for heating industrial asphalt and bitumen storage tanks and vessels on a large scale, QFin is an extruded, aluminum fin made to fit clamp tightly around standard piping and tubing to provide superior heating or cooling performance. The idea behind QFin is simple; increase the effective heating surface area of a section of pipe by adding highly conductive fins to maximize heat transfer. The fact that QFin is removable and is able to retrofit onto existing piping or tubing is the innovation that makes it so unique.

Based in Charlotte, NC, QMax Industries, Inc. specializes in Process Temperature Maintenance and Process Heating and Cooling. QMax designs and manufactures specialized process heating solutions for industrial piping, vessels and equipment. Using continuous innovation, QMax endeavors to help our customers maximize process efficiency and minimize plant downtime by predicting and preventing failure. QMax and QFin are both registered trademarks. QFin is a patent-pending technology.

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